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Lawn services

Maintenance package Standard residential lot-starting $50
1/4 acre lots starting $60

1/2 acre lots starting $70

1 acre and above starting $100
Weed Eating & removal

Pet waste removal (during lawn service)
1 dog $20
2 dogs $25
3 dogs $35
4 dogs $50

Biodynamic compost Extract application standard residential lot-starting $95
Spray application on lawn

Flower garden Maintenance give us a call 972-358-5088

Flowerbed Clean Up! Service include everything below.

*old mulch removal
*weed and grass runners pulling/removal
*trim plants/bushes/tree
*plant/bush removal
*cultivate dirt and remove rocks or debris from beds
*pull up, arrange, and check drip lines (repair if needed)
*spray weed and grass root killer (plant/bush friendly)
*apply heavy duty landscape weed block fabric
*apply new mulch (wood)
*plastic/metal landscape edging
*Wood Mulch
*bi-weekly flowerbed maintenance