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Net Pots


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Net pots have many uses for hydroponics farmers.  They are great for use in media such as Rockwool and Lava Stone. The right net pot will let your roots grow, while not letting them get out of control. As a successful hydroponics grower, you know well that a good net pot is a vital part to your setup.


Net pots are a staple to any hydroponics grower. A tighter mesh in your net pots allows for a wider choice of growing medias, as you can use small media.

Being UV-resistant, they are reusable and will be able to withstand years of use with proper care.


  • Small mesh allows for use of small grow media (>5mm)
  • UV-resistant plastic is reusable
  • 2″ Wide x 2″ Tall
  • Strong, Durable plastic

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