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Black Humic


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Promotes root development by increasing microbial activity in the root zone.
Aids in the breakdown of organic matter.
Increases moisture retention in plants and in soils.
63.5% humic acid (one of the highest in the industry).
Humic has been known to regulate PH in soils and to increase nutrient uptake both in soil growing and hydroponic growing.
Promotes vigor and root development that can result in faster growth.
Can be used as a soil conditioner since it stimulates bioactivity.
The organic compounds Humic Acid manufactures sugars in plants. Sugars are especially important during flowering because plants require an increased amount of carbohydrates to produce fruit. The carbohydrate infusion delivered in humic acid will also organically enhance the flavor, color, and aroma of fruit.
1lb. bag, makes up to 80 gallons.

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10 lbs, 44 lbs


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